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International Shipping

Knightmovers have been shipping goods to all corners of the world for over 5 years now. We have built up good relationships with reliable shipping companies so that we can offer you a complete door to door service.  The countries we have shipped to include India, China, Finland, America, Ireland and Africa.

From export wrapping and making out an inventory, to customs clearance and delivery, we can help. Prices and timescales vary widely depending on the country you need to move/ship to, as do the customs regulations, so we carefully prepare each job individually. We and our shippers can take care of everything; just don’t leave it until the last minute as international shipping can be a slow process.

Pre-move/Sale Preparation and Porter Hire

Our staff can also be at your disposal to assist you in many of the jobs needed when you need to prepare a property for sale. Services we can supply include general maintenance, garden tidying, removal of rubbish and many other functions. We can supply one or more of our moving porters to assist you when you need to move things around your property or when on the move.  Need a hand moving heavy items or perhaps you need a hand for a day on the other side of the county or country? One or more of our able porters can assist you in any reasonable way.

Please note: Porter hire is charged at a minimum of 1/2 day and all major duties must be agreed beforehand. Travelling time and expenses are also charged.

Box Trailer Hire

We can supply you with a sturdy box trailer if you have a small amount to transport and want to do it yourself.  Our box trailers carry a surprising amount and are much more competitive than hiring a small van. They are clean, lockable and secure and can be hired by the day.

Vehicle Transportation

At Knightmovers we can arrange for your car or small vehicle to be moved to anywhere in the country. Perhaps you need a vehicle moved as part of your house move or you just need a car delivered somewhere. We can arrange your vehicle to be delivered on one of our trailers to any address you specify. Alternatively we can supply you with one of our vehicle trailers for you to transport your vehicle yourself.

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