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Knightmovers Secure Long & Short Term Storage

Knightmovers offer our customers a variety of secure storage solutions designed to meet your individual needs.

Knightmovers provide short or long term storage for everything from single items up to full houses or office contents. We provide you with sealed wooden containers that are only used for your belongings. We can also advise you on how to prepare your goods and possessions for storage.

Storage Solutions

Whether you want to store your entire household belongings or just a few items of furniture, we are sure to have a cost effective solution for you. When you choose to store your furniture or belongings with us you can rest assured in the knowledge that your possessions are safe and fully insured. Business customers can utilise our storage for documents and to archive material. We can also arrange storage for larger items of machinery and other business equipment and short term storage during any business moves.

Call us today and find out about our competitive rates.

Storage Options

Containerised Storage

We store your furniture and valuables in our wooden containers that keep them safe and dry until you require them again. These strong containers will hold an amazing amount when correctly packed and ensure your possessions are private and secure. They can be used for household furniture and goods as well as document and archive storage. Your goods can then be safely stored in our storage warehouse. The containers measure 8ft x 7ft x 5ft which is equivalent to a 250 cubic feet capacity, the standard size within the storage industry.

They can be used from a minimum of two weeks, or for the rest of your life, if you so wish! We collect and pack the goods into storage for you. Due to insurance and Health Safety considerations, we are not able to permit customers to load or unload their containers. Customers wishing to transport their goods to our Storage facility may of course do so, but porter charges will apply to handle your goods. Please contact us on 01341 241766 for further details

Self Storage

We have on site self storage units, they can be used for household furniture and goods as well as document and archive storage, each unit is approximately 650 cu ft.  Self access can be gained to these units during office hours Monday to Friday, to add or remove items.

Just like our containerised storage, self storage units can be used from a minimum of two weeks, or for the rest of your life, if you so wish!  Storage is charged on a weekly basis per unit, you will be invoiced on a monthly basis in advance.

You have the option of bringing your goods into and out of self storage yourself, or we can arrange for our vehicle and porters to assist you at a pre arranged fee.  You can contact our office on 01341 241 766 for us to arrange a quote for you.

Standard Charges

Our standard charge for containerised storage comprises of a pick up fee, storage rate and delivery fee, all of which are charged per container load. The storage rate depends on how many wooden containers your goods fill.

We collect from your property and pack your goods securely into a container on the back of one of our vehicles, we then bring them back to our warehouse were they are securely stored.  Storage is charged on a weekly basis per container and re-delivery of your goods can be arranged to suit you. Collection and delivery fees are dependant on distance and ease of access. We can at any later date, reload the goods and deliver them to the address of your choice.

On removal into storage, you only pay the removal fee and the first months storage fee. We will invoice you thereafter on the 17th of every month for storage. Containerised storage is not self-access, if you need to you can arrange with us to take out or add to your goods in storage during office hours Monday – Friday. This will involve a porterage fee.  Alternatively  you can choose our self storage option, giving you self access Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Archive & Document Storage

At Knightmovers we offer a tailor made solution for all your official records. The storage and management of documents and paperwork can help many businesses. This leaves you with:

  • A wealth of valuable new office space
  • No more paperwork avalanches
  • Access to all your documents by arrangement
  • Other storage options

We have a range of other storage options available for business and domestic storage including furniture, vehicle and machinery storage. Call us today to discuss your storage needs and the options available. We can also provide (by prior arrangement) metal containers for large storage options. We have limits on these and they may be unsuitable for some goods.

Call us on 01341 241766 today for a free quotation.


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