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difficult locations removal specialist

Difficult Locations Specialists in removals from properties that have limited or awkward access

At Knightmovers we have carried out many moves that require a different approach. Properties where access is either some distance from a public road or in some other way restricts access to our larger vehicles have become a speciality for us. Our expertise in this area means that we can provide a great service for even the most difficult to get to places.

We can implement a range of solutions for people (and businesses) that have limited access that restricts our large removal vehicles from getting close to their property.

In the past we have used many different vehicles to achieve this. They include: 4 x 4 vehicles, quad bikes, box trailers, open trailers, box vans, motorised trolleys as well as a lot of muscle power, before being able to place the contents in our large removal lorries.

Call our today and discuss your access requirements on 01341 241766.

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